Why Dry Skin Brushing is Trending

Pampering our skin from time to time is a great help to make ourselves feel better. One example is spending some time alone in the bath as we listen to serene music while exfoliating our skin. It won’t only make us feel relaxed but at the same time, we also commit more to taking care of ourselves.

As Erno Laszlo, a dermatologist, has said, “Beautiful skin requires a commitment, not a miracle.” Well, that hit hard. We all need to remind ourselves that achieving such skin goals come hand in hand with exerting much effort and time.
So for this blog, we’re gonna talk about something new to entice our minds!
There are actually a lot of things we can do to gratify our precious skin. But here’s another way to brighten up our faces, ladies and gents!

Have you ever heard about Dry Brushing?
Seems pretty amusing as the name is literally the meaning itself. Therefore, dry brushing is brushing our dry body using a fair and natural dry brush before taking a bath or shower. How amazing and convenient it is to just stay in your comfort zone while doing this!
This practice is popular now and then as it is also a kind of Ayurvedic medicine. Ancient people relied on this for the sake of having a healthy body and skin. You can too!

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is accepted to have a lot of health benefits. Doing this the right way and in moderation, also, with some precautions will provide us with the following best results:

Exfoliation of the Skin
We all want to have smooth, glowing, and soft skin. In order for us to achieve that, we also need to exfoliate regularly. Dry brushing is a great method in exfoliation as it helps get rid of those unwanted things sticking right under our skin. It effectively removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells as it restores the balanced nourishment of the skin.

Circulation of the Blood
Having a healthy circulation of the blood is one of the requirements in achieving a youthful and glowing skin. It helps reduce stress hormones that can put an additional grieve on the heart. Dry brushing invigorates circulation as it releases more blood to the areas we dry brush. It gives the skin radiance and a healthy glow.

Lymphatic Drainage Assistance
Our lymphatic system plays an important role in maintaining ourselves healthy and away from common sickness. It filters toxins and fights off bodily infections but unfortunately, it gets blocked and backed up. Good thing that dry brushing is a saviour and an amazing way to stimulate lymphatic drainage. It accelerates blood pumping which helps the lymphatic system get faster and well-ordered in removing and filtering toxic wastes.

Pore and Cellulite Minimizer
Being not confident enough and feeling embarrassed of our skin is so common for everyone who has big pores and cellulite. We keep trying different ways in order to make them smaller and reduce it in the naked eye. Surprisingly, dry brushing is one of the ways we can try to achieve these goals.
Using a more tender, natural dry brush on the face makes it softer and has smaller, visible pores. As for regular use, it also reduces the appearance of cellulite and leaves the skin firmer and tighter. 

Stimulation and Energization
As dry brushing helps increase circulation, it evenly pumps blood to all parts of the body which causes stimulation to the brain. Then, it will make us feel fresh and energized for the day. Nothing beats having a positive aura as our days depend on how we handle our own emotions and feelings.
Remember to always handle our skin with care as we exfoliate and dry brush. So, if you have sensitive skin but still want to have a try, there’s an alternative way to do it. We all know that essential oils are doing miracles on our skin and well-being. 

Dry brushing would be very much more effective and invigorating by adding up our own choice of any essential oils below:

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