7 Amazing Products For Self-Care And Wellness

We always get up to our usual days and start them right away with hope and determination in mind. Then, we make ourselves very busy with all the things and tasks we need to finish. Lastly, we’ll only realize how tired and drained we are after a long day stressing out and worrying about almost everything.
But, that doesn’t end there. We all know that life is a cycle and the only thing we can do is to get ourselves used to it. For this reason, we should do self-care and focus more on our wellness in order not to disregard and neglect ourselves.
Self-care is the practice of health regulation to maintain one’s wellness with or without the help of healthcare experts. People who take care of themselves properly are more likely to have positive health benefits and results, and can also live their lives harmoniously.
Who wouldn't want to live in peace and away from any stressors in life, right?
So now, let’s introduce to you these 7 amazing products that Beeyo Ltd. has to offer. Let us all explore what these gems can do to help you more about self-care and wellness. Let’s make our life as more colorful as it has ever been before!
Waking up early to start the day right is an ideal way to balance work-life. We all want to have those extra hours for selfcare time or the me-time.

BEEYO’s Frankincense Resin Incense is an ancient aromatic resin that is obtained from Boswellia Carterii trees in Somalia. Ancient people traded this for thousands of years and used it to aid in spiritual and religious practices.
When burning a sacred resin as an incense, it produces a deep-rooted balsamic scent to sanitize and freshen your space. Due to its soothing properties, it also gives a sense of peace and positivity for relaxation, meditation, spiritual uplifting, yoga, and reiki.
With no doubt, this precious resin is absolutely perfect for indoor areas, like houses and offices. It is a natural home cleanser, and an insect repellent. It's definitely worth every penny!
BEEYO's Myrrh Resin Incense is a hardened reddish-brown exudate that is obtained from Commiphora myrrh species. People used this in custom to protect and heal themselves due to its powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.
It also produces a deep-rooted balsamic scent to sanitize and freshen your space when burnt. You can repel bugs and use this perfectly for indoor spaces. Best of all, it can help you achieve a state of mental relaxation and a sense of wholeness.  
BEEYO’s Frankincense Essential Oil, also known as "The King of Oils", is extracted from our authentic resins in Somalia. A few drops of frankincense essential oil can boost the mood and provide a peaceful and positive mind. This is also really great for aromatherapy usage.
With Frankincense Essential Oil's divine and long-lasting scent, it's a perfect solution to help relieve respiratory blockage, insomnia, and to promote wellness.
You can use this in meditation, spiritual activities, prayers, reiki, and even yoga. Witness its earth grounding benefits by adding this essential oil to your diffusers, massage oils, baths, body oils, and skincare products.
BEEYO’s Baobab Oil is extracted from the fruits of an African indigenous tree that is regarded as the “tree of life”. This oil is known for its health and beauty benefits which includes the redefining of your skin and over all beauty.
It can reduce the fine lines, and other blemishes on your face. It can also boost hair growth while making the hair softer, and bright. Baobab oil is definitely an excellent hair conditioning oil for preventing split ends, and other hair damages.
Now, this heaven-sent oil can really uplift our minds and spirits as for the satisfaction it can give us. Nothing beats a joyous person who is confident and in love with his or her own self!             
BEEYO’s African Macadamia Nut Oil is extracted from the nuts of the macadamia tree which are native in Australia and in East Africa. It is pure, lightweight, and non-greasy skin care essential to help boost hair growth while making the hair smooth and bright. To achieve healthier hair and positive results, use it regularly.
Add this magnificent oil to your healthcare products as it is also very beneficial to skin and nails. It deeply hydrates and moisturizes dry and damaged skin, helps reduce the appearance of scars, other blemishes and even restores skin’s nutrients when regularly used.
Lastly, this oil can also make miracles on your nails! Simply use this oil on your nails, or as you massage it onto your scalp for a softer and silkier hair. This will make you want more in order to have healthy cuticles and nail beds.
BEEYO’s Redefining Rosehip Oil is extracted from Rosa Moschata seeds from rose plants in Africa. This amazing oil contains vitamins A, C, and E to help the skin have a fresh-faced glow. It is also rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that helps stimulate skin moisture, revive radiance, and reduce damage caused by free radicals.
Boost hair growth and combat hair loss with this oil as a popular solution. You can apply this daily or add this as part of a weekly hair moisturizer to restore hair growth. Importantly, it keeps dandruff and other hair problems away as it secures healthy hair.
Not only does it strengthen hair but this multi-purpose oil also acts as a perfect hand moisturizer for dry hands. Also, you can use this as a moisturizing massage oil all over the body.
Rosehip oil is slightly orange in hue and has a faint nutty aroma that dissolves soon after you  apply it to the skin.
BEEYO’s Soothing Sweet Almond Oil is 100% pure, and is extracted from the seed of the almond fruit. It is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, D and E, which are excellent for long-lasting skin moisture and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. When used regularly, it helps reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, and restores skin nutrients. Also use this amazing oil to help soften and moisturize extra dry areas in your skin.
This sweet almond oil is also perfect in giving your hair smoothness and brightness, as it makes your hair and scalp healthier due to its high healing content. It is so light-weight that you can apply it daily to your hair. 
It's not easy to cope with our surroundings, busy schedules and lifestyles. It even sometimes makes us feel indisposed about everything we’ve been going through. We might lose confidence in ourselves but with the help of Beeyo, we can always feel hopeful and positive due to the fact that the products we have are authentic and only promote wholeness and our well-being. It’s not yet too late to treat yourself to the satisfaction Beeyo’s products can give you! 

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