Top 5 Essential Things To Alleviate Anxiety

Restless minds. 
Sleepless nights. 
Days filled with sufferings and uncertainties. 
Chaotic feelings of instability and uneasiness. 
Unfortunately, all these things go down to that one simple word--

Based on the facts and statistics of ADAA, a non-profit organization in the US which deals with the prevention, treatment, and cure of mental health disorders and illnesses, anxiety is reported to be a real and serious case. It deeply affects 40 million adults, aged 18 and older or 18.1% of the population every year in the US. Moreover, only 36.9% diagnosed patients acquire remedy even though this is distinctly curable, sad but true.
Brain chemistry, genetics, life events and personality are main risk factors for anxiety to develop. It luckily ends shortly in most instances but for people with chronic anxiety, it’s way more serious and immediately needs medical help. This can also affect both adults and children. 
People with serious anxiety undergo a series of nights full of restlessness, nervousness and even paranoia as they often think of being in danger, panic, and fear. It is quite hard to handle our thoughts and emotions which contribute more to having anxiety. Therefore, having a healthy mind must be our top priority as everything will go right on track while also keeping us away from anxiety.

Now, here are the top five things to do in order to alleviate anxiety:

Be in Nature. 
Having some time alone to enjoy the magnificence of our nature can promote positivity and happiness. It can even maximize our own creativity and minimize stressors that surround us.
Tip: Have a day out and enjoy the heat of the sun on the beaches, or go camping in the mountains depending on your own preference. Just remember to prepare all the things you might need for your escapade, you won’t want to miss anything!

Consistent Exercise.
Consistently exercising is one of the best stressor outlets we could ever do to minimize anxiety. A series of physical activities will help us become more flexible and healthier.

Tip: A healthy recommended amount of exercise is to have 75 minutes of robust aerobic activity a week, or a combination of adequate and strong activity. Be sure to set your schedule and be consistent to have effective results.

Spend Time with Loved Ones.
No man is an island. Having some time alone is a great way to appreciate ourselves but nothing can beat the good laugh we get from spending time with our loved ones. To love and be loved is something we couldn’t ask for more.
Tip: Do some fun things together depending on your own hobbies and likes! You can also try some new challenging activities to strengthen your relationship more. Be happy together!

Get Good Enough Sleep.
To have a good sleep also means to have a good and healthy life. We always need to have enough sleep to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the next excruciating day we might need to deal with.
Tip: A healthy recommended amount of sleep for adults is to have 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. As for infants, youngsters, and teens, they need 8 to 15 hours of sleep for continuous growth and development. Older adults over 65 should still get 7 to 8 hours per night.

Meditation is one of the best options we could do to ease our anxiety. Through meditating, we can encourage more positive elements and stimulate happiness. In addition, it can reduce anger, fatigue and more stressors which cause anxiety and other negative emotions.  
Tip: Try out these products in order to successfully experience the efficacy of meditation:
Frankincense Incense and Myrrh Incense produce a long-lasting balsamic fragrance to cleanse and purify not only your area but also your mind. Secondly, these give a sense of peace and relaxation due to their calmative properties. Lastly, these have natural anti-bacterial properties which are ideal for homes, offices and other enclosed spaces.
Beat all the stressors and negative emotions that cause anxiety through these given tips! Live a healthy lifestyle and make the most out of your life! 

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