Types Of Skin To Moisturize With Essential Oils

As the days keep getting hotter and drier, we can’t help but want to spoil ourselves in a cold shower and rinse off all the dryness and itchiness we feel. Having dry and itchy skin at the same time is a big torment for us. There’s absolutely no one who wants to feel so burdened and upset by this inevitable condition.

For this reason, people started to pay more attention to themselves by moisturizing their skin!

Do you always moisturize? Let’s find out why we must practice this step into our skincare routine.

The Skin 

Our skin is the largest body organ we all have. It protects us from varieties of microorganisms that may cause us harm, which also includes dangerous chemicals. Moreover, it is responsible for producing Vitamin D which helps make our bones stronger and healthier. 

That’s why we are responsible for taking extra care of it. Moisturizing as part of our skincare routine is what we have known and practiced as it helps make the skin healthy and glowing. But for what reason do we really do this? Most of us may say it’s conventional but then, we still don’t know the exact reason why. 


Moisturization is an act of practicing essential activities or putting moisture into our skin through the help of skincare products. This helps the skin not to suffer from any possible skin damages that might occur. 

Moisturized skin also keeps us from having breakouts as it balances the sensitivity of our skin against any toxic compounds or elements. It helps stimulate its needs to fix itself and stay healthy by regenerating cells, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and glowing.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are acquired from various plants through the processes of distillation or cold pressing. Once extracted, these oils radiate each of its own unique and aromatic fragrance which captures the delicacy of our own sense of smell.

The practice of using essentials on different occasions has been popularized since ancient times. These are mainly used for aromatherapy through inhalation and also used as topical application for various skin and hair benefits. Though essential oils have their own different uses, the common thing they have is that they all contribute to the wholeness and well-being of our mind, body and soul.

Skin Types To Moisturize With Essential Oils

There are a lot of ways to moisturize our skin. It can be through the usage of topical skincare products or through various activities that we can also practice doing. For example, avoiding taking too many baths and showers already contributes a lot in stopping the skin from becoming dry, flaky, or even irritated.
But then, this simple thing won’t just give you off the fastest and best results that you’re looking for. We should also seek for other ways that we can add to our daily routine. 

And using essential oils to skin is an amazing choice!

Unlike any other skincare products, essential oils are organic and authentic. Oils extracted from organic plants have the natural properties to make our skin healthy and glowing. These aren’t harsh at all and won’t only moisturize the skin, but also even treat various skin problems.

The efficacy of different essential oils also vary to different skin types including normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and a combination of both dry and oily..

  • Normal Skin. If you have this type of skin, then you’re born lucky. Having normal skin means neither having too dry nor too greasy complexion. The skin looks brighter and softer.

  • Dry Skin. This type is also called xeroderma. The skin lacks moisture which can be caused by dry weather or climate, vitamin deficiency, too much vulnerability against sunlight or even medication. This makes the skin look flaky, dry and even being easily damaged.

  • Oily Skin. When sebaceous glands make too much oil, called sebum, it results in an oily and dull complexion. It makes the pores larger as the skin easily gets clogged and has breakouts.

  • Sensitive Skin. This type indicates that the skin is more prone to swelling and redness. The skin can really turn out bad most especially when exposed to sunlight or chemicals which may trigger the strong reactions.

  • Combination. This type combines both oily and dry skin types. The skin can be very dry and oily in some areas like the T-zone. Pores also become larger which results in breakouts or blackheads.

For these skin types, the following essential oils are recommended: frankincense essential oil, lavender essential oil. These are perfectly made for the betterment of dry, and oily skin.  As well as for ageing skin repair.

Also, always remember to dilute by adding a carrier oil (e.g. baobab oil, soothing sweet almond oil) or redefining rosehip oil because essential oils are concentrated and can affect the skin when used directly.


Once it’s ready, just put an enough amount of oil on your fingertips or palms, spread and apply onto the skin. These oils can also be added to your diffusers at home to promote a sense of calmness.

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