Top Signs Of Hair Damage And Oil Treatment Tips

Frustration is an understatement of how and what we would exactly feel as we wake up one day and see ourselves in the mirror having that most not so pleasant to look at kind of hair. It’s the least thing we could ever imagine to happen as it wouldn’t only entirely affect our appearance but would also solely decide on how our day would come right away to an end.

Feeling distressed, eh? Don’t be!

Hair damage is actually a typical problem to all types of hair that affects millions of people around the globe. May it be men or women, this condition spares no one! 
So as for today, let’s tackle the following signs of hair damage and let’s get to know how to treat this dilemma effectively.

Dry & Damaged Hair

 It’s frightening to know that we can get to experience a bad hair day in a sudden way after even asking ourselves where we all get wrong.

To have damaged hair also means to overly use hair products and procedures may it be with chemicals or none. Too much of anything can always result badly. We just thought that we are still doing an excellent job in taking care of our hair but then we realized it’s too late.

The important signs that we shouldn’t take for granted are the following:

Split Ends 
When this common hair condition comes off, it makes the hair ends look very dry, frail and unraveled. This is actually the result of using too much heat and strong chemicals on hair. If not treated properly, the splitting of the hair ends would spread along its length thus, resulting in a much worse case scenario than you can ever imagine.

Dull-Looking Hair 
This is one of the most important signs that we need to give importance to. We should notice the difference between a healthy hair which shines naturally than having hair which still looks dull and flat even after treating it. Don’t let your hair lose its color!

Dry & Rough Texture 
Dryness is a primary sign of having damaged hair. Once the hair overly dries, it results in the change of its healthy texture. Not only does it look unpleasant, but it also feels really rough and inelastic!

Hair Thinning & Loss
This is one of the worst case scenarios you can ever experience. Taking a shower or simply combing your hair that leads to losing an excessive amount of hair is alarming. This doesn’t only mean that your hair must be doubly taken care of but as well as your health. 

Hair Care Treatment Tips
As we already know the signs of damaged hair that we need to look out for, let’s now learn how to maintain and properly take good care of our hair.

No one wants to experience more hair damage, right? 

So, take note and start practicing the following tips and treatment for the betterment of the condition of our hair:

No To Heat
Excessive heat from hot hair devices causes a lot of damage, dryness, and breakage to the hair. Give it a break for a while and choose the natural way of drying. Let the hair dry on its own as it also naturally heals itself. But whenever it’s inevitable, just make sure to set your device to its lowest heat as you use it against your hair.

Consistently Trim Damaged Ends
In order to monitor damaged ends, be consistent in trimming your hair. This helps the hair grow healthy strands back and takes off unwanted damaged split ends. You can trim your hair depending on your preference like every few weeks after. Much better to trim and stop these annoying hair ends whenever they’re about to come off splitting once again.

Keep Hair Away From Colors
Dying or using hair colors most especially, bleaching is one of the main causes of hair damage. These products contain strong chemicals which deeply penetrate to the inner  layers of the hair. Thus, affecting the appearance and texture of the hair strands. Go for the natural color and beauty of your hair.

Growth Hair Treatment
The hair is undeniably fragile and needs to be taken care well of. Hair treatments like using essential oils for much better and healthier hair benefits should also be taken into consideration. It is for the fact that essential oil proves to stimulate hair regeneration and growth.

Soothing Sweet Almond Oil On Hair Loss

The use of sweet almond oil has been elaborated based on a scientific study from a professional association. The researchers evaluated the effects of applying this essential oil topically. The results showed the effectiveness of the sweet almond oil both in skin care as well as an essential emulsifier in hair products.  

Sweet almond oil has vital components which include biotin, Vitamins B complex and E, and Oleic & Linoleic Acids which are all essential nutrients for healthy hair. This is totally efficient in contributing to a remarkable improvement in dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth while maintaining and repairing damages. 

Fortunately, we can enjoy the positive hair benefits of using this oil in a lot different ways. The following are:

  • Sweet almond oil as a regular hair oil. An even amount of this oil can be applied right onto the hair with the use of our palms. Gently massage the hair scalp and strands to evenly spread the oil and enhance blood circulation to promote hair growth.

  • Sweet almond oil as a hair conditioning mask. Regular hair conditioning improves the health and appearance of the hair. Mix this to a lot of other healthy ingredients for an effective hair mask. Add 2-4 tablespoons of almond oil together with your desired ingredient such as lemon juice, egg, yogurt, or banana and honey.

  • Sweet almond oil as a carrier oil. Step up your way as you add this oil onto your regular hair oil for better and faster results. You can add a teaspoon or two to other oils such as castor, coconut, or olive oil.

With the help of this smooth sweet  almond oil, you can now stop distressing yourself as this potentially improves hair growth and prevents some hair loss. Be confident enough as you get to see how this magnificent oil will sustain your scalp and hair strands healthily and hydrated without feeling greasy and sticky. Overall, your hair will be healthier and more feasible, and free from more hair damages!

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