Frankincense Resin 101: Its Top 3 Uses And Where To Find It

If you know me, you know that I love telling the story of a certain female figure. She’s no other than Queen Hatshepsut, and the story of her expedition to the Land of Punt. This female pharaoh was regarded as one of the most victorious in her time because of this particular mission.

Why? Well, they brought back home frankincense trees, myrrh resin, spices, and other resources from this mysterious place. The Land of Punt is now known as Puntland State in Somalia. Fortunately, that’s where my family hails from. In the past, the value of frankincense essential oil was equal to gold. Now, my mission is to make people realize that it still is.

The word “frankincense” comes from two Old French words. ‘Franc’ and ‘encens,’ mean “high-quality incense.” This is commonly used since ancient times for its healing properties. It was then used to relieve menstrual pain, gum, mouth, and throat complaints. It was also used as a rejuvenating medicine. With its many uses, frankincense is indeed a wise man’s cure.

Here are the top three uses of frankincense resin that you must know, and where you can get the best ones:

Frankincense can be used for self-care

If you want to achieve some form of relaxation, frankincense resin might come in handy. Simply burn it as an incense to help you calm your mind and body. If you know someone who prays as a way to achieve inner peace, recommend this. It can aid them in igniting their spiritual awareness. Frankincense resin is also a perfect product if yoga is part of your daily routine.

Frankincense can help maintain good mental health

Most of us at this time of pandemic are anxious and depressed. If you or your loved one needs help in coping with the situation, you can give them a bag of frankincense resin. When you burn a piece, it can boost one’s mood and improve negative feelings.

Frankincense resin is perfect for home use

Do you know that frankincense resin is also a good home item? Yes. It can help keep your home clean and free from bugs and bacteria. In a recent study, experts found that burning frankincense as incense can minimize bacteria in the air by up to 68 percent! Its aroma can also fragrant your room. The smell can give you the peace of mind and relaxation that you deserve.

Now that you know the top 3 uses of frankincense resin, the question is, where to get the best kind? Look no further. At BEEYO, our 100% pure frankincense resin comes from our Boswellia Carterii family trees in Puntland, Somalia. Somali men harvest the resin to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the product. What I personally love about frankincense resin is its versatility. You can use it for cleaning, healing, relaxing, and the fact that it has an aromatic scent that reminds me of home. 

I highly recommend you to try using frankincense resin because of its endless benefits. See for yourself why it’s as precious as gold.


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