5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health amid the Covid-19 Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease. Known as COVID-19, it was considered a Public Health Emergency of International Concern then. By March, WHO also made the assessment that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic. Thus, everyone in the world is advised to #stayhome. Unfortunately, this threat is taking a toll on our mental health.

“Isolation, physical distancing, the closure of schools and workplaces are challenges that can affect people. It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, fear and loneliness at this time.” – Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe

In short, your feelings are valid, and we feel you. Here are some ways that might help you or your loved ones to manage your mental health in this time of COVID-19 pandemic:


With all the heartbreaking news about COVID-19, accept that you don’t have to take in all of these things. It is important to hear news about what’s happening. However, take the time to tune out from all these. You can choose to log out of your social media accounts. You can also just limit your time online. Just make sure to inform your loved ones. This is to ensure that they know that you are okay.


If you want to learn coping strategies at this difficult time, you may check out credible sources such as the Canadian Mental Health Association – CanadaMental Health Canada; and Bell Let’s Talk. You can get tips from experts on how to manage stress from these sites. Feel free to share these references to your loved ones too.


Since we need to stay home, face-to-face consultation with your counselor is not advisable. You might opt to take part in an online consultation then. The following websites can help you or your loved ones: Bell Let’s TalkThe Walk-In Counseling Clinic-OntarioAtlantic Wellness, or Bridge the gApp.


If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression, or anxiety, or feel like you want to harm yourself or others, consider calling your local healthcare provider. If you are in the US, you may call 911, or if you are in Canada like me, contact Crisis Services Canada (1-833-456-4566) toll free (In QC: 1-866-277-3553), or Mental Health Mobile Crisis Telephone Line (902-429-8167).


At times like these, we are obliged to stay at home to avoid contracting the virus. Nevertheless, self-care is very important. As you take care of your mental health, you need to keep your body healthy as well. Among our products, our African Baobab Oil is my favorite oil for my skin. This all-natural essential oil made from the baobab fruit from Somalia can help lessen your weariness during lockdown. Among the benefits of baobab oil is zero additives or toxins. Don’t you love that? Just add a few drops of the African Baobab Oil onto your lotion, cream or conditioner. It will help you feel better and relaxed. BEEYO’s African Baobab Oil has an alluring aroma that can surely boost your mood.

In this time of pandemic, managing one’s mental health and psychosocial well-being is important. The minimum health standards include washing your hands, wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing. Remember, it is also essential to make self-care a priority, by taking a break and giving your skin a treat.



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