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BEEYO’s Aromatherapy Tongs

Lighting the incense to outreach an exquisite ritual requires ease and safety usage. Introducing BEEYO’s Aromatherapy Tongs, we can enjoy the mystic aroma of our desired incense without any worries on how to handle the intense heat and burn. Be secured with these metallic golden tongs which are especially made to harmlessly handle the igniting incense resins or hot charcoal discs. 
  1. EASY UTILIZATION- This is well-designed to be easily used. With just a light, simple nip, you can easily and quickly pick up charcoal discs and resins, ready to be burned.
  2. WELL-CRAFTED MATERIAL - Feel the mystical ambiance with these tongs as it is especially made with engraved patterns and unique style, designated to keep you safe and guided.
  3. VITAL MULTI-PURPOSE ACCESSORY - BEEYO’s Aromatherapy Tongs are adaptable to pick up and hold any additional spices and herbs to more aromatic fragrance of space. These are designed to make rituals safe and at ease while dealing with heat and lasting burn.
  4. DURABLE  HOLDER - With this durable product, you will be satisfied enough with the duration of its quality.
  5. RECOMMENDED USE: Essentially created to handle charcoal disc, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, bakhoor, oud, palo santo and other aromatherapy herbal products.
  6. CAUTION: Do not leave the tongs in an open flame or fire as these will get hotter and might burn. Also after using, clean and dry the rusted part of the tongs to make it look presentable once again. 


Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery

BEEYO’s African Baobab Oil is 100% pure, and is the ultimate multi-purpose moisturizer for hair, face, body, and nails with its high levels of Omega 3, 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids. This oil, which comes from the African baobab tree, is known for being an effective solution in reducing the appearance of fine lines on your face, and boosting radiance. For the hair, this African baobab oil helps in nourishing and strengthening dry and damaged hair.