The Truth About The Mesmerizing Myrrh

Among the three precious gifts of the three wise men to baby Jesus, people regard myrrh as the least. They say, it symbolizes death.

What is myrrh, anyway, and why should you care?

Myrrh is an ancient aromatic oleo-gum resin from myrrh trees. Ancient Egyptians used myrrh to preserve mummies due to its natural antibacterial properties. They also burn the resin as an incense to create higher spiritual connection during rituals.

One of the most important stories about myrrh was about a renowned female pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut. This leader sent trade missions to the Land of Punt when she ruled in 1473-1458 BC. The Land of Punt is located at the East African Coast. Her delegation brought back myrrh along with frankincense and other valuable treasures. The Land of Punt is now Somalia, and you can find there the highest quality of myrrh in the world. 

To date, myrrh is an important ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, and personal care industry to make tinctures to treat common flu, minor wounds, or used in skincare products and base notes for luxury perfumery. People who use it for aromatherapy preparation as an essential oil enjoy its healing benefits.

Some organic toothpastes also contain myrrh due to its natural health benefits that help prevent dental and gum diseases.

Other common uses of myrrh

Myrrh resin continues to be one of the natural products of choice to aid in spiritual connection, positive energy, higher self-awareness, and focus. What’s more, it can help in purifying indoor spaces to ward off bugs when burned as incense due to its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Burning myrrh resin at night also promotes deep sleep due to its calmative properties.

Where can you find the best myrrh?

Myrrh trees are native to Somalia, Eretria, Ethiopia and Arabia. The extracted product is a hardened yellowish-reddish-brown resin from Commiphora myrrha tree (Family Burseraceae).

To extract the myrrh resin from the tree, local Somali men make incisions in small sections from its stems and branches. The yellow sap that oozes from the tree, which darkens into reddish colour as it dries, hardens into resin. They collect the hardened resins into baskets. Then, Somali women will clean and grade the resin to remove impurity and ensure that only the quality resins are selected. This highly selective traditional method of grading the resin has been used for thousands of years.

What does myrrh resin smell like?

Myrrh has a rich balsamic scent that elicits a sense of relaxation. When you burn the resin as an incense, the scent is more prominent. The deep inviting aroma from the myrrh resin is long-lasting and invokes a harmonious balance between the mind, body and soul.

Why choose BEEYO’s Myrrh Resin?

BEEYO’s premium quality myrrh resins are wild-harvested in Puntland, Somalia. 

At BEEYO, we hand-pick, clean, sort, and package the purest form of myrrh resin to ensure that we provide our customers only premium resins. Our aim is for you to “be you” and incorporate this ancient treasure as part of your self-care routine. It can help cleanse the air of negativity, promote self-awareness, and balance the mind, body and soul.

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