Hydrosols or more commonly known as floral waters are by-products of steam distilled plants. Here at BEEYO Ltd., we carry frankincense hydrosol specifically Boswellia carterii resin that originates from Somalia. Our frankincense hydrosol is obtained by distilling the resin by steam distillation which produces the essential oil and collecting the by-product which is the hydrosol. Although hydrosols are very similar to essential oils, these aromatic waters greatly differ from essential oils in that hydrosols are much lower in concentration making it safer for direct skin use.


Skin Hydration
Face Toner
Home Fragrance


Our frankincense hydrosol contains exceptional range of skin health and spiritual benefits. Our frankincense hydrosol is excellent for promoting radiant skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Used as a facial toner, frankincense hydrosol provides immediate skin firmness by tightening sagging facial muscles while providing a heightened state of awareness and clarity with its uplifting aroma.

What makes our frankincense hydrosol unique?

  • Our hydrosols are 100% pure from our wild harvested Boswellia carterii resin from Somalia
  • Our hydrosols are distinct by-products of our distilled Boswellia carterii resin thus cannot be synthetically manufactured

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