Here at BEEYO Ltd., we obtain our frankincense essential oil by steam distillation of our authentic resins originating from Somalia. Through the process of steam distillation of our resins, we comply with our values by providing the highest standard of quality in our frankincense essential oil.


Skin Care


The use of BEEYO frankincense essential oil provides one with an uplifting and centered state of mind and awareness. Also, the use of our frankincense essential oil as an ingredient in skin care products gives the appearance of reduced wrinkles and a youthful glow to the skin. In the fragrance industry, frankincense essential oil is commonly used as a base note to create high value fragrances.

Frankincense Resin
Essential oil

What makes our Frankincense essential oil unique?

  • 100% pure superior quality Essential Oil for high value formulations
  • Traceable resins from the exact tree in Somalia, making our product transparent.
  • Unique lasting scent

Recommended Use

There are many uses for frankincense essential oil. Always dilute Essential Oil with carrier oil. BEEYO products are not for internal use. Some of the most common uses include:

Aromatherapy Use: Add 2- 6 drops of Beeyo essential oil to a diffuser or bath for state of relaxation, clarifying the mood, and to improve one’s spiritual connection.

Skincare Use: Add 1-3 drops of Beeyo essential oil to 5 mL carrier oil for skin to look visibly younger.

Massage Use: Add 1-3 drops of Beeyo essential oil to your choice of Massage Oil to revitalize the skin and to improve skin elasticity.

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